Friday, March 28, 2014

Would You Survive?

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It came to my attention this week while walking through the grocery store that life could change in an instant. There are always threats of terrorism and crime. Natural disasters like the recent mudslide in Washington devastate us. Ice storms knock out power and can cause you to be stranded inside. What can we do to prepare? How do we survive?

Now I don't consider myself a prepper by any means, but I have been thinking about the possibility of a major disaster. The CDC website has great tips on disaster preparedness. They even have a zombie preparedness guide, which is really in jest, but if you can be prepared for a zombie apocalypse, you will be prepared for any disaster that could happen.

While walking through the grocery store, going through crowds of people picking up dinner for that night, I realized that we would be out of luck in our culture if something horrible happened that reached national level. There are risks of power outages that can affect major areas, and possibly even the entire United States.We are so dependent on modern conveniences that can be easily lost.

We must learn how to survive without them or if something does happen, we won't last long. Recently I saw on the news that a terrorist would only have to knock out certain areas in the United States to affect the entire grid. If that happened, the whole United States would be without power for at least a year and a half. That's a long time to survive if you do not have stockpiles of supplies and skills to acquire more when needed.

Not many people are prepared to survive long-term without grocery stores and electricity. People who live in our area that have seen major hurricanes come through know that the stores sell out of non-perishable food and things like generators and flashlights very fast. Think of what would happen if all power went out in the United States indefinitely?

You would not be able to fill your car tank with gas to evacuate to somewhere with power, shelter, and food. There would not be ways for the government agencies to bring you food and water after a certain point. City water would not work nor would the pumps for groundwater wells. Generators would run out of gas and we would be left to our own devices.

You would also need to be prepared for an influx of crime. When a disaster happens, people get desperate. If they cannot provide for their family, they will go looking for stuff to steal. Are you prepared to protect your family and your family's supplies? Without emergency personnel at the end of a telephone, you must be able to defend your family.

You would have to be sure to have enough supplies and the skills to get more supplies when needed. This is what you need to think about for survival. You should have a stockpile of non-perishable foods and water along with first aide supplies and other items as listed on the CDC website. The idea of prepping has been around long before the TV show, and it's not just limited to those preparing for major disaster.

Our ancestors knew that times would come where there would be drought, famine, or natural disasters. They prepared for the winter when growing food wasn't a possibility. They canned foods and dried meats. They stockpiled candles and wood for light and heat. They lived in a sustainable way, not depending on mass produced products to live day-to-day.

They depended on their land and had faith in God to provide if their stockpiles diminished. They were prepared. That's why I desire a homestead and to preserve my own foods and stockpile my own products for survival. We could lose our modern conveniences at any moment due to a number of reasons, but will we be prepared to survive and continue living?

There are many items we would need and skills we would need to have to be prepared for a huge disaster. I hope to acquire the skills needed through homesteading. I want land with a natural water source. I want shelter that can withstand natural disasters as well as human attacks. I want to be prepared so that my family can survive.

What do you think we would need to have and know how to do? Comment below and share how you are preparing to survive.

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