Monday, March 10, 2014

The Kitchen Disaster

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I am the world's worst at keeping my kitchen clean. I really don't understand how mothers with young children do it. It is just my husband and myself in our home and yet I can't seem to keep the dishes clean. They pile up like crazy. I will not blame my husband because it is mostly my fault. I always use excuses of not having enough time or being too tired.

That is true to an extent BUT I cannot let that make me live in a pigsty. I decided I would bear the shame and devise a plan to deal with it and share with you so that you can also use these tips if you have the same issues as I do. If you do not have these issues and your kitchen is spotless, please leave me additional tips and tell me whether my plan will work or not. :)

My Plan to Attack the Kitchen Disaster:

1)  Get caught up completely

This is always the hardest part for me. Once I let things go and there are at least two loads of dishes to wash (yes I have a dishwasher which makes this even more shameful), it's hard to find the time to get completely caught up. Nevertheless, I HAVE to get caught up for my plan to work. I just have to devote some extra time and get them all finished, even if I have to wash them by hand.

2)  Downsize the stuff

This is a necessity for me because we are downsizing to a much smaller kitchen anyways. I must get rid of extra stuff, duplicates, and things I don't use. But the point is that if you only have four plates, you most likely will not be leaving them to pile up in the sink, but rather you will wash them so you have something clean to eat off of later. If you have 16 glasses though, you probably will not wash out your glass and reuse it. You will just put it in the sink and then grab a new glass when you want one. It's important not to have too much.

3)  Shine the sink

The idea is to always keep your sink shiny and clean. In my case, I would rinse off dishes and put them straight into the dishwasher and when it was full I would run it. People who do not have dishwashers would keep soapy water ready and actually wash the dishes as they are used. My mom grew up this way and it really is the best method. Always be sure the sink is washed out and DRY it so it is shiny before going to bed. Also wiping down the counters at the end of the day is crucial. Waking up to a clean kitchen really starts your day off on the right foot.

4)  Wash dishes while cooking

Now this I am really bad about. I will unload the dishwasher while cooking but I hate getting my hands in dirty dishwater and having to quickly stir something on the stove. I either have to touch stuff with dirty hands or I burn something every time. I guess this will come with better planning. I will try to start cooking on a lower heat so I can catch up with the dishes and then turn up the heat when I can focus on cooking. That way nothing burns at least.

5)  Keep a rack in the sink

I want to get a rack to keep in one side of the sink. Our sink is very deep and it holds a lot, which is why I get overwhelmed with dishes so often. It is two-sided and just one side of the sink being full is a full load of dishes for the dishwasher. It doesn't seem like that many dishes though until you go to load the dishwasher. I would like to set the dishes on the rack for the times that I can't wash them right away. Then I might realize that the dishes need to be done sooner.

6)  Wash them by hand

This goes hand in hand with shining the sink, but I really want to get into the habit of washing dishes by hand. One reason is that I want the house to be ready at all times for showing it when it is on the market. Another reason is that living in a camper, I will have to wash by hand so I need to be prepared. By doing this I hope the rack in the sink becomes a drain rack only for clean dishes. Then they can be put away neatly before someone comes by to see the house.

So that is my plan to help fight the kitchen disaster. Do you struggle with everyday chores such as this? Do you have tips that work better for you? I'd love to hear them! Please comment below.

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  1. I feel like I am ALWAYS washing dishes. It works best if I get them done in the evening and get them all done. Sometimes it doesn't happen. I don't let anybody keep anything in the sink. It gets rinsed out and set on the counter beside the sink. I'm less likely to let them sit on the counter for too long, so it works for me.


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