Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Problem with Organizing

I have a problem. It seems that every time I try to organize, I run into it. It's a time waster. It prevents me from accomplishing what I set out to do. It may not be a bad thing itself, but when I'm trying to organize under a time crunch, it does not help me at all. You may struggle with it too when you try to organize...

I'm talking about REMINISCING. I didn't have this problem with cleaning out my clothing closet but once I started working in my office, I fell prey to the time-buster. I've always had this problem. Every time I find a couple hours and want to organize my bookshelf, photos, or paper stuff, I end up reminiscing and wasting time.

Last night I started on my office and was able to move a few things to their proper places before it hit me. I pulled out my CD's and started going through them. At first I just straightened the cases in a box to store since most of my music is on the computer these days anyway. Then I realized that I might want to thin it out some and get rid of old stuff I no longer like.

Once I started going through them to look at what they were, the memories flooded back. I had to stop and put them on to listen to them. I had to read the CD case inserts. I thinned out a little but I wasted a solid hour just listening to music. With limited time and my moving yard sale only a couple weeks away, I can't let this kind of stuff happen.

I don't really know how to stop it because once the memories start flooding, it takes over whatever project I'm working on. I need to finish sorting, organizing, and packing my entire house, and I can't allow that to waste anymore time. My question is: how do I focus on the task and not let myself become distracted?

I must admit, it is very pleasant to reminisce on past times and good memories, but when under a time crunch, it doesn't make much sense to give in to it. I am about to tackle my office again before I go to work so I am really limited on time. I must make the best use of it and get as much accomplished as I can. The next few days are crucial for me to get everything in the house sorted.

So how would you handle it? Do you struggle with reminiscing when you are busy on a project? How do you handle it?

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