Monday, March 24, 2014

Little House Lifestyle

We had our big yard sale this weekend in preparation for putting the house on the market and I believe it was very successful. We removed a lot of the clutter from our home and sold furniture that we cannot fit into a camper or storage. The house now feels as large as it is. This was all step one in becoming more self-sustainable and living as a minimalist.

My husband and I have not always been like this. We haven't always dreamed of getting rid of all our stuff and starting a mini-farm homestead. In fact, in the past I wanted to be a big city girl! I have no idea why I ever wanted to live in a crowded city with rude people, traffic, and smog...but for some reason, I did.

That was when I was a teenager. I was feeling rebellious of the "norm" and wanted to be a business woman, not a homemaker. I detested the fact that some people expected the woman to be at home. I wanted to be independent and rely only on myself. I didn't need a man.

When I was really young, however, I read the Little House on the Prairie books and dreamed of that lifestyle. I would pretend I lived back then, putting on a long, flowing skirt and running barefoot outside. I imagined living in a small log cabin with a warm fire and climbing a ladder into a loft to my bed at night. I loved how the family would gather together and Pa would play his fiddle, and how their faith was a big part of their upbringing.

I also dreamed of being a teacher and a mommy back then. Somehow I lost that imagination and dream I once had, putting it off as just some child's fantasy, never to be a reality. Well after some of the circumstances in my early years as an adult and especially over the past couple of years, I realized that my first dream was what I really want. And now I am doing the work behind the dream to turn it into a reality!

As a child, I didn't know about chemicals and pharmaceuticals and terrorists that could wipe out the grid. Now I realize that God placed the dream in me to live simply and naturally because of the way the world is going. I realize that I will be a mommy and a teacher to my own children someday. I will have the cabin and wear long, flowing skirts while I work barefoot in the garden. ;)

I will raise my children to trust in God instead of man and teach them all the ways of the Lord. I will teach them to respect nature and God's design, only taking from it what we need for nourishment, and always giving back to the soil in the form of compost. I will teach them to work hard, always being honest and having integrity.

I will work hard all my days to care for my husband and family, but will always be sure to enjoy those moments I can never get watching my children chase the chickens through the yard, seeing my husband care for the animals and work the land, noticing the wonder in my children's eyes when they see a new baby calf or watch chickens hatch for the first time, enjoying the soft breeze on my porch swing while snuggling with my husband after a day of hard work, putting my children to bed with a prayer and a kiss, and seeing God's glory in the new day's sunrise, greeting it with a smile.

There may be days that we experience loss of animals, a garden disaster, or make mistakes that set us back; but we will always have each other and God and really, there's nothing else that we need other than that. Because I trust that God will take care of us and I trust my husband to make the right decisions. With God as our focus, we cannot go wrong.

Do you live a Little House lifestyle? If you don't, do you dream of it? I would love to hear your story. Please share in the comment section below.

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  1. Such a wonderful post. I admire your dream. I wish I had done it as a young woman.

    1. Thank you so much! It's really never too late to start. You can always do something, like having a small garden. Thank you for reading!


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