Monday, March 3, 2014

How To Organize Your Closet in 3 Easy Steps

Well I got my closet cleaned out on Saturday and I was blown away by how much stuff I have. I focused mainly on my bedroom closet so it is mostly clothes and accessories I am getting rid of from that closet. When I moved into my house, one thing I loved about it was the huge walk-in closet. That has turned out to be a downside now that I realize how much stuff I had filled it with...

My closet wasn't a huge disaster area, but it was cluttered and full to the brim. Stacks of clothes had gotten knocked over and such, but as for messiness, I wouldn't say it was too horrible. I was not strictly organized but everything did have an "area" even if it wasn't "in place." Even after I sorted, tossed, and straightened everything, I still wouldn't say I'm a perfect organizer.

Here are my "before" pictures but after I purged a lot of stuff already:

Everyone has their own way of organizing because they have different needs and preferences. I have seen immaculately organized closets that are very pleasing to the eye with different colors separated, creating a rainbow closet. I'm not that type of organizer. To be honest, that sort of organizing wouldn't work for me because I don't have a lot of the exact same colors and I would probably make myself sick trying to get the color rainbow just right. So I don't focus on colors.

What works best for me is functional organizing. I organize by what I wear the most and what type of clothing it is like long-sleeved shirt, short-sleeved shirt, pants, dresses, etc. Right now I am also organizing by size. Since I have been through a few different sizes, I wanted to keep some stuff in each smaller size so as I lose weight I don't have to go shopping. I don't have the money to go buy a new wardrobe whenever I get into a smaller size, and since I already have everything I would need, why not hold onto it?

This is how much stuff I purged:

And how many hangers I removed:

Here are my "after" pictures:

(Each stack of clothes represents a different size. It gives me something to see everyday and look forward to wearing.)

It wasn't really a very dramatic transformation, at least not to me. It still looks like a lot of stuff. The only problem is that we are downsizing to live in a camper, which doesn't have huge closets like mine. Even though I got this closet organized, it doesn't mean I can take everything with me that's left. I'm hoping I can just store the smaller sizes and out-of-season clothes and switch it out when the time comes.

Even if you aren't downsizing to live "tiny," you can still organize your closet. There are three main steps that I used and you can too:

1)  Purge

Most of the time, you will have to get rid of stuff. My main motivation was to thin out my closet and keep only the things that I wear. Even if you aren't living "tiny," you still may want to thin out your closet. This is a good time for a yard sale or donating items to someone who needs it.

2)  Clean and Tidy Up

Move everything out of the closet at this point. I cleaned my closet as I went, getting rid of any dust that had accumulated. Then I folded clothes neatly and hung up things that needed to be on hangers.

3)  Sort and Organize

I separated the clothes by size and type next, then when I had my finalized stack or group of hangers in each size and type, I moved them back into the closet in their places.

Simple enough! Most of my problem with organizing has always come with maintaining. We have to be disciplined to put things back in their places after we use them or else things will be back to looking like a disaster. Hanging clothes back up that we choose not to wear is important. I learned this a long time ago. With a little time and effort, it can be done and when you are finished, you might make a little money off the items you no longer want or better yet, someone else can find joy in those items when you donate them because they may need them more than you do.

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