Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good or Bad?

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I've been doing some thinking lately about our world as it currently is. There is so much going on in the world that is not ideal. There are chemicals, genetically modified organisms, radiation, and pollution that threaten to take over the world. Most of the bad started with a good idea. Someone wanted to make the world a better place and invented something that seemed like it would help, but does the good outweigh the bad?

Now some of the things that were invented may have not been for the greater good, and instead it was made for profit or convenience. We can tag many things in modern society as these. Even some of the "good" things have turned into those. I can understand that there are people who really wanted to make pharmaceuticals to help people, but most if not all of those chemically laden pills have bad side effects.

I can also understand that some people wanted to help feed the world so they invented pesticides and genetically modified crops to help withstand natural forces against it, but we can see that is not helping the people. We throw away so much food in the United States. No one has to go hungry if we all did our part. The problem with mixing man-made with God-made nature is that SOMETHING WILL GO WRONG. Every time.

The chemicals are in our food supply, the structure of the food has been changed, and none of this is good for our bodies. Those who believe we evolved also believe we will evolve and adapt to all these additives in our food. If that were the case, why is there so much disease and death caused by these things? No one seems to be able to answer the most simple question: Would we even have high cancer, autism, birth defects, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and death rates if we didn't have these man-made or man-tweaked things?

A lot of the "high" rates of diseases are blamed on under-reporting in the past. I don't necessarily believe that. We have been reporting fairly accurately in the past few decades and yet the rates are increasing ever steadily. Something has changed in our way of living that has led to these increases. I am pretty quick to blame technology, just because most of these diseases have started or have increased since the expansion in human technology.

That technology not only changed the way we grow food and the type of food we eat, but also has given us increased amounts of radiation in our everyday life. As I write this, I am sitting with a laptop on my lap, which I know is bad for me. Does the good of sharing this information with you outweigh the risk I have from having radiation enter my body? I ask myself this when I use my smartphone, laptop, or am around any wireless signals.

The convenience of having technology on the go has led to the need for wireless signals to be able to use them all the time. I am starting to hate this setup. A part of me feels like the benefits to having so much technology at my fingertips (literally) does not outweigh the risks to my health and my family's health. How much is too much before we say "NO MORE"?

It's not just radiation exposure that is bad with modern electronics. To me, the overuse of electronics takes away from quality time with people as well. The mentality of having it with us everywhere makes us stressed and constantly going, at an ever increasing speed. Eventually our relationships suffer, and stress wears down our bodies. It was not like this before technology. People used to live slower lifestyles and survived just fine. They possibly even had better relationships with those around them, even if they didn't have several hundred Facebook "friends."

The increased use of chemicals, plastics, prescription and over-the-counter medications, electronics, etc. have all led to pollution as well. You don't hear about pollution the way you used to. I remember several years back that there was huge talk about smog and the horrid air contaminants coming from factories. Were these corrected or did people just start to ignore them? Beyond air contaminants are ground contaminants. Chemicals from pesticides are leaching into the ground and getting into the water supply.

Plastics and other "disposables" are harming the earth by filling it with garbage and there are things in the garbage that leach into the ground. How much is too much before we say we will not create another landfill? How much land and resources are we wasting and contaminating by just throwing things away? How much plastic silverware and how many foam plates will we use before we realize it's better just to use biodegradable soap and wash a reusable dish?

I honestly do not think we could ever pinpoint one thing that causes our current "epidemics" of disease. I think it's a combination of what I have mentioned among others that are making so many people sick. I strongly believe that our body is not just a body. I believe the body, mind, and spirit are all connected. If we are not fueling our body with healthy foods,being careful of what goes into our minds, and being connected to God with our spirit, we will not be whole. We will not be healthy.

We most go back to a place where we listen to God's voice. We don't allow garbage to fill our land or our minds. We don't allow electronics to run our lives. We only fuel our bodies with good, wholesome, God-grown foods. Only then can we ever be whole again. Only then can we defeat disease. Only then will we be all that we were meant to be.

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