Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Raised Beds vs. Container Gardening

So our plans may be changing for our garden.  We have already started planning and ordered seeds but we may have to change our minds.  We were going to do raised beds this year.  We measured them out and everything but then we were having trouble finding the right cedar boards to build it.  After some discussion, we made another big change in our plans.

We have decided to sell our house this year and live in a camper!  It will take some hard work to spruce up the house to sell and save money quickly to buy a camper (and a truck to pull it), but I know it will be worth it.  We plan to get out from under our mortgage so we can save  more for land before we have kids.  We may be able to park it on some family land so no more house payments or large utility bills for awhile!

We have talked about doing this before but never got serious about it.  After talking about starting our family soon, we decided we need to save as much money as possible first so we can buy land in the clear.  We want land where we can raise our children beside chickens and cows!  That's not possible in our current city home. 

The dilemma we came to about our garden this year is that we planned to make an investment and put in raised beds, but if we sell the house in the middle of the summer, we would have to leave it behind and all our plants.  So then we thought about container gardening.  We would have to go a little smaller than planned but if we sold the house before the season is over, we could take our plants with us. 

It would cost us less to do it this way and we can always reuse the pots next year while we live in the camper.  I am looking for advice from my wonderful readers.  What do you think we should do?  Should we go ahead and build the raised beds or container garden this year?  I would also love to hear about your garden if you have raised beds or container garden.  Leave me a comment below!

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