Monday, January 13, 2014

Turning a Coffee Can into a Pot for Plants

Today I wanted to show you how to easily and quickly repurpose an old coffee can by turning it into a pot for a plant.  I did this a few months ago one morning really early in the morning before work.  I accidentally broke a plastic pot I had when I was watering my indoor plants.  It caused the plant and all the soil to fall on the floor, making a huge mess.

I didn't have another pot but I needed to do something for this plant.  I noticed that I had an empty coffee can that I had saved to try and recycle.  It was the perfect size!  I had to figure out how to turn it into a pretty pot so I searched my imagination for ideas and my house for materials.

First I removed the label around the coffee can. 

I used a long nail and a hammer to poke holes all in the bottom for good drainage. 

Being short on supplies I ended up using colored plastic wrap I had in my pantry to cover the outside and it actually looks pretty good. 

I put paper towels around the edge to keep from getting dirt all over the outside.

Then I filled it in with the soil I gathered up off the floor and repotted my plant. 
I set it on a plastic plate I already had to catch to water that drains out of it. 
This was very simple and I only used items I had on hand, also doing my own repurposing.  This is something you can do to repurpose an empty coffee can or just a cheap alternative to buying pots.  What do you think?  Leave your comments below!

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