Monday, January 6, 2014

My Goals for 2014

The natural remedies worked, and now that I am well I can focus on my goals for the new year.  I am so excited for a fresh start!  This is what I plan to do this year:

1) Eat only real foods, preferably organic, and made from scratch at home

This is two goals in one really.  I want to eat well but also want to cook it at home.  Even having learned so much about the food industry and the “nasties” that are in processed food over the past couple years, I have found myself migrating back to eating fast food and processed junk on occasion…and the more I eat it, the more I want it, and the worse I feel at the same time.  (That’s some bad addicting stuff!)  It’s time to stop the cycle and discipline myself to only eat the good stuff so I will only crave the good stuff from now on.  This is essential for me to lose weight and get healthy, but also important just in general to maintain good health for a lifetime.

2) Eating good foods and making them from scratch starts with building a good, organic garden and preserving fresh foods myself

Last year we had a large garden, but we didn’t work in it like we needed to.  The weeds took over and our zucchini had powdery mildew from too much rain.  We really set our sights too high.  I didn’t make time to pick and preserve the produce like I wanted.  Even though our yield was very high on things like pickling cucumbers and green beans, we only put up eight quarts of pickles and about nine quarts of green beans.  I wasted a lot and feel very bad for it.  This year I want to plan ahead, start a smaller raised bed garden that is easier to care for, and make sure I allot time to preserve the food while it’s the freshest.

3) I want to spend more time reading and writing

I did not take as much time in the past year to read as I would have liked.  Reading helps me relax, worry less, and sparks my imagination and creativity.  So I hope to do more of that this year.  Last year I also had ambitions like starting this blog but I didn’t make it further than a few weeks.  I really want to do researched articles on topics I love and want to learn more about.  I started with too much at once though, trying to do mostly those types of articles.  Research takes time and resources, and it is hard to do that often while working fulltime.  I hope to have regular researched posts but more will be on my experiences and what I am learning and doing.  I also plan to share good recipes as I try them too.  Just to make it even more fun, I would love for my readers to submit recipes to me to try and then I can share them.  Just click the "email me" button on the far right.
4) Along the lines of reading, I plan to spend more time in Bible study
I’m setting my sights high on this one!  I have been lacking in my time spent with God this past year and I really want to condition my spiritual life as much or more than my physical body.  I have started some tools that will help me to stay on track this year.  I plan to read through the entire Bible by the end of the year.  This will be the third time in my life to do this.  I have a reading plan and so far it really hasn’t taken that long to read the chapters each day.  I also have two devotionals that were gifted to me so I plan to do those as well.  As I am able, I really hope to do cross-references and more in depth study on what my pastor preaches on throughout the year.  I LOVE doing that!

Well those are my main goals for this year.  I know it mainly takes self-discipline to meet a goal.  I have to make the time.  I really look forward to sharing what I learn this year and hope that I can help my readers make positive changes in their lives as I work on mine.  Share some of your goals for 2014!  I'd love to hear from you!

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