Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year, A New Start

So we have a new beginning starting today.  We have a new year to set goals and pursue our dreams.  I felt like there was no better time than now to start my blog again.  I hope to be able to make time for it this year on a regular basis.  I was off work today and had so much planned.  I wanted to clean the house from top to bottom, get a really good blog post finished to start off the new year, and enjoy some reading that has been delayed for a long time.  Unfortunately I ended up not feeling too sporty all night last night and all day today.  Now it is almost time to go to bed and I have developed a fever to accompany my body aches. 

With the flu going around, I should have been focused on my immune system but I have not been doing all that I could to prevent it.  It is unfortunate that I have been in close proximity to many people with the flu within the past week and have not taken measures to build my own immunity. 
With this blog obviously being about natural living, I am going to try natural cures and will try to update you on my condition.  I started drinking a lot of water today when I wasn’t feeling well.  I have had only real foods, no processed stuff and no sugars.  I made some hot lemon and honey water which was pretty awesome to drink, and then I gagged on apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.  Well it wasn’t really as bad as I thought it would be. 

I am new to all-natural cures so this is a good test to see if I get well sooner rather than later.  I was going to take raw garlic but found that we didn’t have any.  I hope that the little bit I did tonight will help and I hope I get more rest than I was able to last night.  The aching kept me awake until 2:00 am.  I do have to work tomorrow and it will be a doozy of a day since it’s the first of the year.  I am hoping I am well enough and have the energy to get through it.  I also hope that whatever I may have is not contagious because I would not want to infect anyone else.  I will try hot tea with honey tomorrow and some homemade organic chicken broth to help build my immunity as well. 

This is a test for me.  I do not like to be ill, and pharmaceuticals that treat the symptoms are enticing, but to me the risks outweigh the good they do…in fact, they don’t treat the source anyways.  Even over-the-counter pain relievers have artificial coloring which is not needed at all and can cause other issues.  (More on these negative things another time…)  If a fever is what my body uses to attack the virus or bacteria, but I bring my fever down, then I am not fighting the infection and it could grow worse.  It makes sense to me at least to allow my body to do what it was made to do before seeking intervention.

Hopefully I will be over this soon so I can pursue my goals for this new year.  I plan to do more writing, reading, gardening, preserving foods, and Bible study.  (I have a pressure canner now, so it is on!)  As for now I will bid you goodnight so my body can rest and do what it does.  Until next time…

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