Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Fun Part of Gardening

I’m finding out the fun part of gardening.  It’s getting the weeds out...  I’m totally kidding.  That is the least fun part.  We decided to have a pretty big garden this year but since our seedlings started coming up, we haven’t been weeding it often enough.  We’re just now making a dent in the weeds and what’s so bad are the thorny ones.  The bigger they get the harder they are to pull up too.  This evening I found some in our carrots and they ended up pulling up a few carrots too.  L

The weeds we pulled just today.

Other than the weeds that try to take over, our garden looks pretty good.  We do not have to deal with bugs yet, and hopefully we won’t have too many.  We have to water it regularly as this land gets pretty dry very fast and then the soil turns rock hard, even though it rained about four inches a week and a half ago!  When it’s dry, it is harder to pull weeds, and usually the roots end up staying in the ground…which helps nothing.  We have lots of blooms on our cucumber and zucchini plants and zucchini is starting to grow.  Our pole green beans are running up fabulously too.  We also have different herbs, carrots, onions, lima beans, okra, lettuce, corn, pink eyed purple hull peas, and marigolds around them.  Everything looks great so far!

Our zucchini plants

A zucchini growing!

Watering our green beans

Our corn and green beans from another angle

This is only our second year gardening and it’s looking lovely to me.  We actually quadrupled the size of our garden we had last year.  We also have another small one with regular tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, and eggplant that is not pictured.  We have a separate bed with melons too!  Yesterday we cut some of our cilantro for taco salad.  It was awesome and was so much more flavorful than store-bought cilantro.

Even though the weeds are not very fun, working in the garden is therapeutic.  It is a stress reliever, even if my back hurts a little afterward.  I sleep better and feel better the next day.  Being outside in the fresh air also has a healing effect.  It makes me feel better regardless of how I felt when I first stepped foot in the garden.  Whether it’s a headache starting or my knee hurting, I have felt better after gardening.  It was somewhat surprising at first, but now I understand that manual labor and the outdoors combine well to give that result.

Being in the country, away from city sounds, makes me feel at home.  I have only had a small taste so far of what it’s like to live the simple life, but I enjoy every minute of it.  I’m finding that I do not enjoy having to work indoors all the time.  It can become depressing, especially on days with the prettiest weather.  It’s not very hot outdoors yet in our area like it will be this summer.  The heat may make me enjoy being outside a little less, but regardless; I have a garden to take care of and some therapy to enjoy… 

What’s your favorite part of gardening?


  1. I love to garden as well. I really enjoy my flower garden. It is rewarding to see the results of my work, the implementation of my grandmother's advise, and the reminder of the events that brought the plants into my life. My children give me rose bushes and lilies and gardenias for Mother's Day, birthdays, and for the birth of my last child.
    I also have a vegetable garden again this year. We had one last year that did not produce very well because of poor sunlight. We moved the garden this year and I am having a blast watching the growth of the plants daily. I like to measure the size of the tomatoes and take pictures and post them on my facebook page. I hope that my garden produces enough this year that I can share more than just pictures!
    Grandma told me to put banana peels around the base of rose bushes. I must say that I have the most beautiful rose bushes because of that bit of knowledge. I even brought an heirloom rambler rose back to life after a man gave it to me when he was relandscaping his yard. She also told me that tomatoes love coffee grounds. It makes the soil more acidic. Also use coffee grounds to attract earthworms. They love them!
    Good luck with your garden!

    1. Thanks for reading, Ashley! I haven't tried flower gardening yet but I have some seeds that need to be planted. Thanks for the tips!


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